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Posted 1 week ago

every single time.

Posted 3 weeks ago

seriously, he can go fuck himself.

Posted 4 weeks ago

“Normally, he liked boundaries. Boundaries were the safety net. Boundaries kept people on the right path. But right now, he felt like rules were made to be broken and consequences were miles and miles away.” 

“Individuals set boundaries to feel safe, respected, and heard.”

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as much as you are stressing, i am too. i’ve been comforting you and reassuring you that nothing happened. i feel like im just a decision you shouldnt have made. you always said that you dont know who you are anymore, even your friends tell you that you’ve changed. im probably the main factor because youve changed so much. im the factor that your friends wrote those messages in your yearbook. im the only factor that couldve possibly caused something i shouldnt have and regretted. every month theres this time period where youre really stressed about something, its the same something that you always stress about during the time period. it makes me stressed too, really it does. i just feel like i shouldnt have existed to you that way you can live your normal life, and probably live a happier life because no one would be criticizing you on how much youve changed. ive said it before, time makes people change whether its age or personality. its a test for people whove known you for awhile and notices these changes to see if they will still accept you regardless how much youve changed. ive changed, but frankly no one tells me, ive always been the one to figure things about myself, but thats me. ive changed you so much that i dont even know if its ever going to be a good change, because the way i look at it and im pretty sure the way you look at it is that it wasnt a good change. im sorry. i really am. maybe my existence to you never shouldve occured. i know you said to forget what you said but it isnt the first time. i just feel this way when you say “youve changed” or “i dont know who i am anymore”. it makes me feel like im something youve regretted or something/someone that horribly changed you to become like a monster (exaggeration) which i kinda did but still. im sorry

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Tired. Sleepy. Hungry.

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Honestly, back the fuck up. You don’t do this shit to someone who’s already taken

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one day after another

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i guess we just don’t think or feel alike…you want less of it and i want more of it…maybe this change will help…maybe not? who knows. only one way to find out

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Maintenance for more changes

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I don’t even know if the things I do is right anymore